DRILLING PROJECTS - A few drilling projects completed in Canada

Determination Drilling in Toronto, Ontario - Environmental Drilling


Determination Drilling has been drilling the soils and rock of Southern Ontario for the majority of our company's lifetime. Being able to drill boreholes and coreholes in the variety and complexity of these soils and rock, it has given our drilling technicians a great deal of experience. With Ontario's vast array of soil conditions, it allows our drillers to face new challenges everyday.

Though Determination Drilling is based out of Southern Ontario, it does not limit us to that area. We have drilled in every direction of Ontario, and have also jumped the border to places like Labrador City, Nunavut, Quebec and Manitoba. We have been drilling in Northern Ontario many times for exploration drilling of kimberlite pipes, we've been to Newfoundland and Labrador several times diamond core drilling the iron ore, and been to Nunavut a few times for multiple projects, using helicopters to sling our drill from hole to hole.

We also take on bigger projects in Southern Ontario, naming a few, we have done geotechnical drilling on the 400 series highways dozens of times, and have found ourselves drilling off barges in the Welland Canal for Highway 406 and Lake Ontario for Ontario Place. We also have gone to many different chemical plants and steel plants, which require a great deal of Health & Safety protocol, which we always are acccepted for, to complete environmental drilling.

Take a moment to click through our past projects above, to see more details about our experience or check out this list of some of the amazing drilling projects that we have completed.

Determination Drilling mobilizing their drilling equipment on the ice roads to Victor Camp

PROJECT - Victor Mine, DeBeers - James Bay Lowlands, Northern Ontario

Determination Drilling has played an essential role in the establishment of Ontario’s first diamond mine. Over the past 3 years we have mobilized drilling crews and shipped equipment to this site in order to perform drilling operations including:
- hydrogeological drilling studies
- geotechnical drilling for ice roads
- environmental drilling/sampling
- heliportable/extreme off road drilling
-diamond core drilling / exploration drilling

Our CME 55 track mount was the prefered machine to send, for its ability to navigate through the difficult terrain and its capabilities of diamond core drilling to depths of 200 feet. On other occassions, mainly for the environmental drilling and hydrogeological drilling, we mobilized our Beaver Drill and Pionjar, which suited the scope of work in the overburden drilling projects.

We have worked in all seasons with challenges ranging from -60 degree weather, heat waves, massive thunder storms and forest fires. Proper planning, kept all crew out of harms way and project completion was achieved. In many cases we had limited access to sites and had to airlift our drilling equipment by helicopter to the drilling locations. All crew members were trained in proper rigging/slinging techniques with a focus on helicopter safety. Drill locations were also accessed by pick up, snowmobile, argo, dozer, boat, and hiking.

The Environmental/Cultural/Health & Safety policies set out by DeBeers Canada were very stringent & specific. Determination Drilling exceeded all requirements and played an intrical part in further developing the mines safety policies to ensure operator safety.

Determination Drilling in Labrador City

PROJECT - Iron Ore Company - Labrador, Newfoundland

Our work at the Carol Project includes two separate drilling programs totalling over a five month period.  These projects required us to mobilize our drilling equipment to Labrador City twice, with short notice.  Where other drilling contractors were on three occasions denied access into the mine site due to insufficient health & safety policies, and poorly maintained equipment, Determination Drilling was described as ``a breath of fresh air `` and was granted entrance to the Carol Project with no issues.

- Our first project entailed drilling core holes through a quartzite/iron formation to determine load bearing capacity for a new primary crusher in their loose main pit. This diamond core drilling project lasted a few months and our crew worked day shift and night shift until project completion. 

- On the second project, our main scope of work was geotechnical drilling, to determine load bearing capacity of the bedrock to support a very large conveyor belt system stretching 30km through the forest.

Other than drilling in the IOC yard, most drill hole locations were limited access in a forested area.  Determination Driling mobilized our CME 55 track mounted drill rig to handle the difficult terrain.  We crossed several major rivers with great care for safety and the environment. On these projects, we tested the limits of our equipment and proved that there is truly no boundary to where we can go.

Determination Drilling performing Geotechnical Drilling Investigations in Pangnirtung, Nunavut, Baffin Island

PROJECT – Publib Works & Government Services Canada - Pangnirtung, Nunavut

The most recent of our major projects was in September/October of 2009 when we ventured to Pangnirtung, Baffin Island, Nunavut.  It was here that we performed a geotechnical drilling investigation for a new wharf construction, and inlet dredging project for Public Works & Government Services Canada (PWGSC).  We were the first phase of the project, brought in to outline the geological characteristics of the project area. 

We mobilized our trailer mounted CME 55 drill rig, personnel, and all necessary tooling in a Buffalo DC-3 aircraft out of Yellowknife, NWT, and demobilized all equipment through the DeHavelan Sea Lift service to Montreal.

The most challenging part of this project was the fact that the majority of the holes were below sea level, on the ocean floor.  We had 2 windows of 6 hours each day where the tide would run out. when the tide was out, we would drive the drill rig out on the ocean floor and continue drilling operations until the water began advancing back to shore.  We hired on two local Inuit who acted as drill helpers for day/night crews.  The cultural integration was a great learning experience for everyone involved.

This drill program is a true testament of what Determination Drilling is capable of, as we completed this large scale, logistic intensive drill program safely, efficiently, effectively, on time, under budget, and had a great time doing it!

Determination Drilling performing Diamond Core Drilling and Geotechnical Drilling

PROJECT - HWY 406 Road Work / Barge Drilling - Welland Canal, Ontario

An environmental drilling and geotechnical drilling project focused on the constuction of doubling the Hwy 406. This project became a four month long contract for Determination Drilling for the Ministry of Transportation, this site included the truck mount rig on the highway with our own road safety crews, full lane closures with a crash truck, and near railroad tracks that were active. Safety records and proper precautions were taken as encountered. Off road locations with difficult terrain including massive grass berms, ditches, forest and marsh lands, were located with our track machine, capable of reaching any borehole location.

On the roads and fields, auger drilling included soil sampling with 2' split spoons, every 2.5' as well as shelby tube samples and shear test sampling in soft grey clays, found at an average of 35', this soil remains until bedrock which we then did diamond core drilling and took core samples, starting at average depths of 200’. Core samples taken were basically limestone rock, tested for piles placed into bedrock for construction of bridges.

Soil and rock investigation, in the Welland canal and river, was needed to further investigate bridge assessments. Our crew had to undertake barge drilling. The process involved lowering about 40'-60' of auger through the water, then auger drilling the bottom of the river bed to bedrock. Diamond core drilling was done, retrieving bedrock core samples beneath the sediments of the Welland Canal. After successful completion of all 4 under water boreholes, Determination Drilling gained further experience in our barge drilling capabilties.

Determination Drilling at Noront Resources camp - Exploration Drilling

PROJECT - Noront Resources, Ring of Fire - Northern Ontario

Determination Drilling in Bathurst Inlet - Nunavut

PROJECT - Bathurst Inlet, Nunavut

Determination Drilling at the Arctic Circle

PROJECT - Dew Line, Artic Circle, Canada

Determination Drilling in Toronto at Ontario Place

PROJECT - Barge Drilling at Ontario Place

5 WING GOOSE BAY : Environmental Drilling Investigation - Goose Bay, Labrador

DEBEERS VICTOR PROJECT : Environmental/Exploration Drilling Investigation - James Bay Lowlands

D.E.W. LINE STATION, FOX 2 : Environmental Drilling Investigation - Baffin Island, Nunavut

PANGNIRTUNG WHARF : Geotechnical Drilling Investigation - Baffin Island, Nunavut

IRON ORE COMPANY OF CANADA : Geotechnical Drilling Investigation - Labrador City, Newfoundland

NORONT RESOURCES CHROMITE : Environmental/Exploration Drilling Investigation - Webequie, Ontario

C.F.B. BORDEN/MEAFORD/TRENTON : Geotechnical Drilling Investigation - Ontario

BIOX BIODIESEL FACILITY : Geotechnical Drilling Investigation - Hamilton, Ontario

TRANSCANADA HWY 17 : Geotechnical Drilling Investigation - Thunder Bay/Wawa, Ontario

MORRISON LAKE : 5 ton Geothermal Installation - Bracebridge, Ontario

SUNCOR : Environmental Assessment - Sarnia, Ontario

OPG NUCLEAR PLANTS : Geotechnical Drilling Investigation - Bruce/Pickering, Ontario

HYDRO/ELECTRIC DAM : Geotechnical Drilling Investigation - Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario

TRENT RUBBER : Environmental Assessment - Lindsay, Ontario

QEW HWY : Geotechnical Drilling Investigations - Hamilton/Oakville/Grimsby.Fort Erie, Ontario

PEARSON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT : Geotechnical Drilling Investigation - Toronto, Ontario

MORE AIRPORTS : Geotechnical Drilling Investigation - Hamilton/Kitchener/London/Welland/Trenton, Ontario

RANDALL REEF : Environmental Assessment - Hamilton Harbour

WOODWARD AVE. WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANT : Geotechnical Assessment - Hamilton, Ontario

TCE IMPACT MONITORING : Environmental Assessment - Cambridge, Ontario

WIND TURBINE FARMS: Geotechnical Drilling Investigation - Haldimand/Manitoulin/Orangeville, Ontario

SOLAR PANEL FARMS : Geotechnical Drilling Investigation - Niagara/Haldimand, Ontario

FERRIS WHEEL/TABLE ROCK RESTAURANT : Geotechnical Drilling Investigations - Niagara Falls, Ontario

MUNICIPAL STAGING YARD : Environmental Injections - Manitoulin Island, Ontario

FORD CANADA : Environmental Assessment - Assembly Plant, Oakville, Ontario

STELCO/DOFASCO : Environmental/Geotechnical Investigation - Hamilton, Ontario

WALMART : Geotechnical Drilling Investigation - Hamilton/Niagara/Toronto, Ontario